UK’s Strongest Woman 2021 Results

The Gorilla Glue UK’s Strongest Women 2021 was overall a great success in it’s first year. We were delighted to have a blue-chip sponsor onboard to support the event with Gorilla Glue Company. We also got fantastic TV support with 2 hours from RTE2 and 2 hours Showcase TV and Sporty Stuff HD on SKY. Along with additional international coverage on Fubo TV in The USA.

Social media feedback was good but unfortunately ticket sales uptake was slow for this event. So a couple of days out we decided ticket holders would get the seats and do free standing tickets. This was important to have crowds for the TV and indeed sponsors as future support from these is important, as we continue the growth of spectators for future events.

The UK’s Strongest Women event was a two-day contest, with two groups of 8. The first discipline was the Barrel Load, an explosive moving event to kick off the contest. In Group A England’s Donna Moore 3 times World Strongest Women proved why she is favourite for the title getting the first win in her group. Group B was a big surprise with the smallest competitor in the field England’s Rhianon Lovelace winning the first discipline in her group.

The second discipline in the contest was the Brick Lift. A power lower back test, in Group A Becca Roberts of Wales and England’s Donna Moore with 5 repetitons each of the 225kg weight. In Group B the world record holder at 300kg deadlift Lucy Underdown got the win. But a surprise again from the pocket rocket Rhianon Lovelace matching Lucy with 9 repetition to get the joint win in the group.

Discipline 3 in the heats was Tug of War. Some great TV battles in this one but the awesome Wales’s Becca Roberts got the win in Group A and our police-women England’s Lucy Underdown winning group B.

The fourth discipline is the eliminator for the bottom 3 in each group. The top 5 competitors from Group A and B make the final, with the Car Deadlift Hold Eliminator to find the final 2 competitors. Competitors lift the cars on a timed score format and last to hold it up goes through to the final from each group. A brutal event for crowd and TV. Group A eliminator line up was Mairi Ross Scotland, Annabelle Chapman of England and Maeve Frawley of Ireland. The English girl Annabelle showed true grit to win her heat eliminator to make the final. Group B bottom 3 where Emma Jane Smith Scotland, Julie Mills of England and Deanne Hughes of Ireland. Again England step up and get the win in the heat eliminator and Julie joins fellow English woman in the final 12.

The final now stacked with stars in women’s strength sport, kicks off with the grueling 4 lane Tyre Flip. A quarter of a tonne tyre must be flipped over a 20 metres course. Fastest time or flips made wins. This is when we seen 3 times World Strongest Women step up a gear and get first blood win in this discipline, followed closely by Lucy Underdown and Becca Roberts.

The second discipline was the static shoulder power challenge the Log Lift. Some great pressing in this one with 5 of the line-up pressing over 105kg. But only one girl could win this , probably the strongest shoulders in Europe Annabelle Chapman pressing massive 120kg for the win.

Third discipline was the 100kg Sack Carry. The most testing of will power is needed not to drop this sack. Becca Robert Wales’s finest was fancied in this one and carried the sack a mind blowing 157.25m. A distance well ahead of her rivals and we thought it couldn’t be beaten, till last to go Donna Moore stepped up to this pain busting task. Donna looked like she was to drop the sack 3 times, be with a never give up attitude come through to take the win at 160m!

The fourth discipline requires leg power in the pull and bicep strength with the rope to pull a 8 Tonne Truck! Ten ladies completed the course but nothing could stop Becca Roberts of Wales’s as she continues to fight for the title now in second place only 3pts off England’s finest Donna Moore the leader.

The fifth and final discipline is the iconic Stones Of Strength 100kg,100kg, 115kg, 130kg, 145kg to be lifted onto 4 foot 3 inch barrels as fast as possible or stone lifted timed to win. No-one managed the final stone but 4 competitors completed 130kg stone. Fastest of them was the awesome Becca Roberts to win the final discipline.

Final scores 3rd was Lucy Underdown England 51pts, 2nd missing out on the title by 1pt Becca Roberts Wales 54pts, but the Gorilla Glue UK’s Strongest Women 2021 and 4 Nations Champion goes to the great Donna Moore England 55pts!

Overall a great contest and looking forward to it’s continuing growth into 2022. Thank you to Ards and North Down for their continued support.

Find the full results below: