Wales’s Strongest Man 2021 Results

Wales’s Strongest Man didn’t disappoint to finish the 2021 UK’s Strongest Man Tour. The fans were amazing packing out the stadium and giving the athletes an experience they will never forget! Congratulations to our new champion who lifted the winners trophy with David Ramplee 2nd and Garret Cann third. A special shout out goes to Luke Sperdati  who is not long into the sport and is one to watch for the future. He lifted the warriors sword for his man of the match performance. Special highlights from the day were Gavin Prosser deadlifting a massive 375KG RAW at 98KG bodyweight and the photo finish in the Anvil Farmers Walk between Desmond Gahan and Luke Sperdati. We hope to see the crowd next year as Ultimate Strongman have bigger and better plans for this competition. This year it will be televised on SC4 so look out for updates on our social media. Get your tickets to see Matt Dimond and David Ramplee battle it out against the best in UK at UK’s Strongest Man 2022. Find the full results for this contest below.

Discipline 1- Anvil Farmers Walk

David Ramplee25.71 secs38
John Thompson4.66metres92
Nathan Young12.25metres74
Gavin Prosser38.10metres47
Garret  Cann8.77metres83
Matt Dimond 23.28metres65
Adam Kempton1metre101
Josh Edwards33.27metres56
Luke Sperdati               18.99secs29
Desmond Gahan18.62secs110

Discipline 2- 130KG log for reps

Adam Kempton264.5
John Thompson264.5
Garret Cann529
Nathan Young356
Matt Dimond6110
Josh Edwards183
Gavin Prosser000
David Ramplee437.5
Luke Sperdati437.5
Desmond Gahan000

Discipline 3- Deadlift for Maximum

Gavin ProsserGoodGoodGoodGood110
Desmond GahanGoodGoodGoodFail27.5
Josh EdwardsGood GoodGoodFail27.5
Adam KemptonFail00
John ThompsonGoodFail82.5
Nathan YoungGoodFail82.5
David RampleeGoodGoodFail64.5
Luke SperdatiGoodGoodFail64.5
Garret CannGoodGoodGoodFail27.5
Matt DimondGoodGoodGoodFail27.5

Discipline 4- Sack Toss

Adam KemptonGoodG 12.60s83
John ThompsonGoodG14.57s92
Nathan YoungGoodGoodG18.31s47
David RampleeGoodGoodGoodGoodG70.83s29
Luke SperdatiGoodGoodG29.41s65
Desmond GahanRetired00
Josh EdwardsGood GoodG26.73s56
Garret CannGoodGoodGoodG44.65s38
Matt DimondGoodGoodGoodGoodG56.12110
Gavin ProsserGood GoodG32.2274

Discipline 5- Stones of Strength

Adam KemptonGoodGoodG19.89s83
John Thompson Good GoodGoodG43.48s65
Desmond GahanRetired00
Nathan YoungGoodGoodGoodG37.58s47
Gavin ProsserGood GoodG50.26s92
Josh EdwardsGoodGoodGoodG38.57s56
Luke SperdatiGood GoodG12.92s74
Garret CannGoodGoodGoodG29.96s29
David RampleeGoodGoodGoodG22.85s110
Matt DimondGoodGoodGoodG30.0738

Overall Standings

PositionNameFinal Score
1Matt Dimond40pts
2David Ramplee39pts
3Garret Cann36.5pts
4Luke Sperdati30pts
5Josh Edwards28.5pts
6Nathan Young 26.5pts
7Gavin Prosser23pts
8Desmond Gahan17.5pts
9John Thompson16pts
10Adam Kempton11.5pts