England’s Strongest Man 2021 Results

England’s Strongest Man took place in Doncaster Dome on Sunday 29th August. We had 12 of the strongest men from all over England that qualified from the Northern, Midland and Southern competitions. We had a stacked line up with several new athletes ready to do battle in front of over 1000 screaming fans. Our first discipline was 100lb Anvils carried 40metres or distance carried which was dominated by Paul Smith with a time of 14.02 secs. The second discipline was the 140KG logo for reps which was won by both Paul Smith and Ben Williams with 7 reps. The third discipline was the Deadlift for Maximum which saw a massive 400KG lift by Dean Evans which was the biggest on the whole UK’s Strongest Man Tour. The fourth discipline was the Tyre Flip, an explosive event and creates dramatic sounds in an indoor arena! Any explosive discipline suits the athletic Paul Smith and his class showed with a time of 45.21 secs over a 20 metre course. The final discipline was the stones of strength ranging from 100KG- 160KG. This event was won by Ryan Oldfield with 5 stones in 22.81. He expected to do better in this contest but can hold his head high after his performance in the stones and no doubt he will be close to the podium next year. Paul Smith is England’s Strongest Man 2021 and is joined in the UK’s Strongest Man 2022 with Sam Duffy and Lewis Packham!

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Find the full results below: