The Strongmen

Meet the strongmen of Ultimate Strongman. The line-up is one of the most competitive ever seen in a European competition and features some of the best entertainers in the sport.

In his first major competition on nearly a year, 4 time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania is out to prove he is still the best in the world, despite missing this years World’s Strongest Man due to injury. His appearance gives fans a rare chance to see the strongest man that ever lived performing live.

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall of England is one of the biggest stars in the sport and he has an opportunity to prove himself against ‘Big Z’, Zydrunas Savickas. It could be the biggest showdown of the year. If ‘The Beast’ beats Savickas it will be one of the greatest ever performances by a British strongman.

Europe’s Strongest Man Laurence Shalaei (England) is in the form of his life having lifted the title in July, beating Hafthor Bjornsson in the process.

Tom Stoltman of Scotland known as ‘The Albatross’ because of his long arms, is probably the best young strongman to come out of the UK since Eddie Hall emerged back in 2010. Still only 21, Tom is already pulling 400Kg deadlifts, an dis the current U23 UK’s Strongest Man. He will bring plenty of support from Scotland.

Konstantine Janashia of Georgia is one of the rising starts of the sport, finishing 4th in this year’s World’s Strongest Man. 6’ 5” tall and weighing 155Kg, ‘The Bull’ will be in the running for the title.

Mikhail Shivlyakov, the former Russian Marine, wears his Marine beret with pride, and is a fierce competitor, winning the Arnold Amateur Strongman Title in 2013, and appearing in World’s Strongest Man in 2014 and 2015.

The Cookie Monster, Eric Dawson of the USA has won 2 Champion League events this year. 6’5” and 160Kf, the American giant is a crowd favourite and in incredible form this year.

Cheick Sanou (Iron Biby) of Canada at age 24 is one of the youngest in the World Championships and powered onto the world stage in 2016. The Mr T look-a-like , despite being 150Kg, likes to perform back flips after a win!

Grzegorz Szymanski ‘Szyman’ of Poland finished 8th at this year’s World’s Strongest Man.

Raffael Gordzielik (Germany). Hailed one of the best German strongmen since Heinz Ollesch (12 time Germany’s Strongest Man).

The final two major names will be announced in the coming weeks. You can get tickets to Ultimate Strongman 2022 now!

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