Laurence Shahlaei (England)

Ultimate Strongman World Championship 2016 at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Laurence Shahlaei is the fastest moving strongman on the planet.  He holds the Ultimate Strongman World Record for the Super Yoke with 12.00 seconds and the Farmer’s Walk, carrying 150kg in each hand for over 20 metres in an astonishing 6.73 seconds.  Injuries have been a major problem for Laurence throughout his strongman career but over the last couple of years he has overcome them to win the Ultimate Strongman World Championship 2016,  Europe’s Strongest Man 2016  and the UK Strongest Man 2017 which is described as the toughest show on earth with 13 events over 3 days.  Laurence will be looking to defend his Ultimate Strongman titles in 2018!  Laurence will be competing be defending his Ultimate Strongman World Championship at Summermania 2 in Southampton.  Come see him compete against Zydrunas Savickas, Vytautus Lalas and Martins Licis.

Name:       Laurence Shahlaei (Big Loz)

Country:    England

D.O.B:        25/12/82

Height:      188cm / 6ft 2ins

Weight:      158Kg /334lbs


The Current Ultimate Strongman World Champion 

Europe’s Strongest Man 2016

2-Time Britain’s Strongest Man

UK Strongest Man 2017