Konstantine Janashia (Georgia)



The Georgian Bull” Konstantine Janashia has shot on to the world stage in the last 2 years. At 6ft 5in tall and 155Kg, he is an impressive character, andis known for his huge trapsSo far he has won the European Arnold Classic in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since.  A regular at Ultimate Strongman events,  he has competed at the World Championship in Newcastle (December 2016), and the Viking Apocalypse in Denmark (June 2017), and  in 2018 makes his World Team Championship debut in Stoke, as well as a welcome return to The World Championship at Summermania in Southampton (June 3rd 2018).

Before his career in strongman Konstantine played rugby, the mobility he gained from rugby is shown in his performances in the tyre flip and the farmers walk.  Konstantine is growing into the sport and is one to watch in the years ahead.  See him compete in 2018 with Ultimate Strongman at Summermania II and the Team World Championship as he competes against the best in the world.

Name:      Konstantine Janashia

Country:   Georgia

D.O.B:       30th August 1990

Height:      6 ft 5 in (196cm)

Weight:     155 kg (341 lbs)

Best Lifts:

  1. 170kg Log Lift
  2. 300kg Squat
  3. 340kg Deadlift
  4. 165kg Farmers Walk
  5. 420kg Yoke


WSM Finalist