Pa O’Dwyer and Gavin Bilton at World’s Strongest Man! Updates

The current UK’s Strongest Man Gavin Bilton and 2018 UK’s Strongest Man Pa O’Dwyer have both been invited to World’s Strongest Man 2020. This has been a life long dream for the strongmen as they take on the best in the world. Both competitors have been consistent performs in Ultimate Strongman and have taken their opportunities at Europe’s Strongest Man which has given them a place. Pa is in Heat 1 with Jerry Pritchett, Luke Richardson, Gabriel Pena and Robert Oberst. This is a tough group, but Pa will be looking to secure either 2nd or 3rd in the group as he could have a chance in the stones to get to the final! Gavin is in Heat 3 with the likes of Oleksii Novikov, Maxime Boudreault, Tom Stoltman and Trey Mitchell. Again, a tough group to call but Gavin can prove he can mix with these elite competitors. With it being there first time at this major competition, everyone at Ultimate Strongman would like to wish them all the best!

Pa O’Dywer Update: The first event was the farmer’s walk where Pa struggled with his grip and managed 7.83 metres which put him 5th in his group, the winner was Jerry Pritchett with a distance of 52.00 metres. This left him with it all to do in the deadlift 350KG, where he managed 6 reps. This gave Pa 4th place with first place being granted to Jerry Pritchett with 9 reps. This meant Pa finished Day 1 with 3 points after 2 events. In Day 2 Pa finished the loading race in 48.99 which placed him 2nd place! The last event before the eliminator was the log lift where Pa managed 5 in 66.35 secs which got him 4th place, which resulted in 4th overall in the group with 9 points. He was 2 points off 3rd place for the eliminator. A good result for his first WSM appearance.

Gavin Bilton Update: The first event for Gavin was the farmer’s walk for distance where he placed 4th in his group with a distance of 31.50 ,metres. A solid start on his WSM debut with the winner of the group being Oleksii Novikov with 57.54 metres . The second event of the day was the squat, where Gavin was unable to complete a repetition. This is due to the fact he sustained a rib injury but has stated he will be strapped up and ready to do battle for the rest of the disciplines. Gavin finished Day 1 with 2 points after 2 events. Gavin battled on in Day 2 with an ongoing injury. In the loading race Gavin managed 4 implements in 69.17 secs which gave him 1 point and of the dumbbell he got 3 reps, again resulting in 1 point which totalled 4 points for his tough group. Gavin will use this as a learning curve and will look to be back next year bigger and stronger!

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