U23 World Championship 2019

The U23 World Championship 2019 was a blast with 10 of the strongest juniors gathered in Melitopol, Ukraine to battle it out over 5 events to become the Ultimate Champion.  The 2018, champion Martynas Brusokas unable to attend the competition there was going to be a new champion.  The first event was the 400KG Super Yoke for 20 metres, a brutal event to kick off the World Championship.  The winner was Nick Davis of the USA with a time of 13.06 with second Oleksii Novikov of UKraine with 13.25.  The second event was the log for max with Oleksii Novikov and Oleg Pylypiak of Ukraine both setting a new Junior World Record with 191KG!  The third event was the farmers walk with 125KG in each hand up a 20 metre course.  The winner of the event was Pavlo Nakonechnny of Ukraine with a time of 7.05 seconds just beating the current leader Oleksii Novikov with 7.79 secs.  The fourth event was the Giant Dumbbell Medley.  5 dumbbells weighing 80,90,100,110 & 120KG.  Oleksii Novikov  was the winner of this discipline with the only person to finish the medley in 48.70 secs.  The final event for the title was the Manhood stone of 160KG for 60 secs.  Again the points were shared by Oleksii Novikov and Pavlo Nakonechnny with 9 reps.  This meant the new Ultimate Strongman U23 World Champion is Oleksii Novikov of Ukraine, Pavlo Nakonechnny second and Konrad Karwat third.