Team World Championship Disciplines Announcement

Team World Championship Disciplines Announcement

Discipline 1: The Log Medley.

We will have 2 lanes, with 5 bespoke power pressing logs for each team. The first log is a warm-up 120kg, then a testing 140kg, a huge 2 man Log at 300kg, then the business end 4th log is a 180kg, and yet to be pressed in contest, the massive Ultimate Strongman bespoke 200kg log will be the last press challenge!  We have gathered some of the greatest pressers in the world for this challenging first event. Stars like Matez Belsak, Rob Kearney, Mateusz Kieliszkowski and Krzysztof Radzikowski. We have the World Strongest Man Martins Licis also competing, a man that can make great things happen in this contest! Who would bet against team history being made?!



Discipline 2 Deadlift Hold For Grip!

This challenge is the lifting of two cars per team in a gruelling grip test. This will be 2 teams in a not to missed head to head face off!! What team has the strongest grip on the planet!? We will soon see!!



Discipline 3: 450kg Tyre Super Yoke..

This challenge will require power legs and fast feet to complete this very testing discipline. Fans will enjoy a four team lane race over a 40 metre course. Each team must carry this massive weight 20 metres up and 20 metres back in a lung bursting 90 seconds! This will be the big moving test of the contest. Can this course be completed? If so which team will win ?? Be an Ultimate Strongman fan -watch it live and see!!



Discipline 4: 700kg Team Deadlift!

The ultimate in strength tests is the Deadlift, a Strongman event couldn’t be without it! But this is no ordinary Deadlift , 700kg of weight on a bespoke 2 man bar, must be lifted as many time as possible in 90 seconds! This will be a team head to head challenge to see who has the strongest backs in the game!?


Discipline 5: NEW Stones Of Strength event!

The ultimate in strength tests in Strongman is the Stones Of Strength! This year for the teams we have designed a brand new team discipline challenge for the stones. It will be the ultimate in team challenges and we are hard at work in this new discipline build to be launched in Nottingham. It will be the ultimate stone head to head team battle not to be missed!



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