Strong Men & Stag Do’s

Unusual Stag Parties

OK so we’re used to talking about strong men, it’s what we know about, we’re the experts. And we’ve noticed a lot of stag and hen do parties having a raucous time at many of our Summer events.

When it comes to strong contenders for unusual stag parties and advice for best men, we asked the experts in that field.

Freedom have been organising stag weekends since 1996, the longest established stag do planners around. We figured that qualifies them as the heavy weights.

Mike Wood, Freedom MD told us:


We’ve noticed over the years that traditions are there to be broken, whilst go karting and paintball for the gents will always remain popular, there are new kids on the block offering something a bit different. It could be unusual, unconventional, unexpected or taking a walk on the crazy side.


Car SmashThis has to go down as the ultimate anger management activity. Basically, car smash gives you the opportunity to smash a car to bits at a scrapyard with an array of demolition weapons. Sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc.


Coasteering – One of the UK’s most exciting water sports and a once in a lifetime experience which combines climbing, scrambling, swimming, rappelling and cliff jumping to take you to places only the locals know about. 


Beer Goggle Football – Simply bonkers, absolutely hilarious and guaranteed to put you on the ground. Beer Goggles add a crazy twist to football.


SAS Black Ops – “Who Dares Wins” – always wanted to wear a Green Beret? Join up and be part of a SAS style mission. Becoming a bona fida SAS recruit is a dream realised by so few, because quite simply so few are up to the job. This activity is designed to give an idea of how it would feel and what you could experience as a fully fledged SAS soldier.


Stage Fighting – A Games of Thrones inspired stage fighting workshop. A private stage fighting session where trained professionals teach you the art of sword fighting and choreograph their staged combat.