Rebecca Roberts Dominates Wales’s Strongest Woman 2023

It was the biggest attendance ever at a Wales’s Strongest Woman 2023 with over 1600 fans! This was an electric atmosphere for our 6 strongwomen. 5 events from pressing logs, lifting cars and lifting iconic stones.

The show kicked off with Wales’s Strongest Women which was hugely dominated by Rebecca Roberts who win all 5 events. It was a domination to show why she is the current UK’s Strongest Woman. She was the only competitor to finish the 100KG duck walk challenge of 50m in discipline 1. For discipline 2 she completed an unbelievable 24 reps in the incline log! In the deadlift it was a comfortable 240KG to take the win with plenty more in the tank. Discipline 4 was the car deadlift hold which showed how tactical of a strongwoman Rebecca can be by holding the car long enough to secure 1st place going into the stones of strength. Rebecca made all the stones look so easy by completing all 5 in a time of 29.31 secs. Sam Taylor came 2nd in all of the disciplines and showed her class as one of the best strongwoman in the UK. The final results were 1st Rebecca Roberts, 2nd Sam Taylor and 3rd Lisa Marie Hassall.

Ultimate Strongman now travels to Ireland for Ireland’s Strongest Woman 2023 in Marketsfield Stadium, Limerick. Purchase your tickets here.