Mark Jeanes makes it 5 Wales’s Strongest Man titles!

It was the biggest attendance ever at a Wales’s Strongest Man with over 1600 fans! This was an electric atmosphere for our 12 strongmen. 5 events from pressing blocks, lifting cars and lifting iconic stones of strength. Unfortunately, this year we were without the defending champion David Ramplee who was unable to compete due to a achilleas injury. Therefore, all the competitors were hungry to win the title.

Wales’s Strongest Man 2023 competitors.

The first discipline was the duck walk steeplechase with a 200KG having to be picked up and walked with for 50 metres. This was a blood and guts discipline which tested footwork, power and endurance. There was a surprise package in this discipline with Jamie Nelson being the only competitor to finish the 50m course in a brilliant time of 55.59 seconds.

Discipline 1- Duck Walk Steeplechase.

The second discipline was the block press with 4 blocks having to be pressed into a locked out position. These huge steel blocks weighed 80KG, 90KG, 100KG and a massive 110KG. There were 2 competitors to complete this discipline and press the huge 110KG block. They were Matt Dimond and Mark Jeanes. Although Matt Dimond showboated while having the last block above his head he still managed to secure the win with 55.56 seconds.

Discipline 2- Block Press Medley

The third discipline was the car deadlift for reps of 310KG. A static monster discipline with some huge deadlifters in the line up. A man who wanted to prove everyone wrong was Garret Cann who even with a torn hamstring still managed to pull 6 reps! Although, again it was Matt Dimond who beasted the deadlift with 15 reps to move into the lead with 2 disciplines to go.

Discipline 3- Car Deadlift for Reps

The fourth discipline was truck push and drag. This discipline was a rugby style event with strongmen having to rugby scrum the truck up a 15 metres course and drag it back 15 metres to complete the course. Again it was a surprise with Jamie Nelson recording the fastest time of 54.53 seconds. Both Mark Jeanes and Matt Dimond were down in the points in this event which set up a stone off to see who would take the title. Mark Jeanes was on 39.5 points and Matt Dimond on 41 points.

Discipline 4- Truck Push and Pull

The final discipline was the iconic stones of strength with 5 stones having to be lifted onto a 4ft 6″ barrel. These massive stones ranged from 100KG, 115KG, 130KG, 145KG and a massive 160KG. This was the greatest stone lifting ever seen at a Wales’s Strongest Man! 7 competitors completed all 5 stones which is the most we have ever seen in a line up of athletes. However, with a nail biting finale Mark Jeanes won the event with 5 stones in 19.27 seconds and Matt Dimond’s tactics let him down with placing 4th in this discipline. Therefore, crowning Mark Jeanes Wales’s Strongest Man 2023 for the fifth time.

Discipline 5- Stones of Strength

Congratulations to Mark Jeanes on securing his 5th title of Wales’s Strongest Man, Matt Dimond on placing 2nd and Luke Sperduti 3rd! Come and join us in Ireland as we look to find Ireland’s Strongest Man 2023. Get your tickets here.

Full results of Wales’s Strongest Man 2023 are shown below:

Full Results of Wales’s Strongest Man 2023.