Jack makes it a hat-trick of Scotland Strongest Man titles!

The Ultimate Strongman team would like to congratulate Louis Jack on defending his Scotland’s Strongest Man title with some very tough competition from 11 other athletes. It was a nail biting finish and here is the round up!

Sunday 2nd July 2023 saw the biggest ever crowd for the Cullina Scotland’s Strongest Man in Grangemouth Stadium with over 1,600 fans – a total sell out. The athletes well and truly fed off the support and produced unbelievable performances throughout the day. Ultimate Strongman are known for producing competitions with superhuman disciplines and the first discipline was non other than the Duck Walk Steeplechase for 60 metres with a 200KG weight in between the competitor’s legs! Out of all 12 competitors there was only one man who completed the course and that was Chris Beetham in a time of 74.59 secs.

Discipline 2 was the car deadlift for reps. Athletes had to deadlift a van weighing 310KG on the front bar for as many reps as possible. The standard was outstanding in this event with Scott Milne completing 13 reps but it was Callum Crozier with 14 reps who took the win.

Athletes deadlifting a 310KG on the bar for as many reps as they can in front of a sell out crowd!

Discipline 3 was the block press medley. This is a new discipline by Ultimate Strongman and what a discipline to test shoulder power! These blocks weighed 80, 90, 100 and 110KGs. There were 2 men who finished the whole set of blocks – Chris Beetham and Louis Jack. It came down to time and it was Louis Jack who secured his first win of the day this 4 blocks in 42.72 secs. Over 30 seconds faster than Chris.

Scott Milne pressing the 90KG block above his head.

Moving on to discipline 4, as seen in UK’s Strongest Man 2023, the Truck Push and drag. An 8000 tonne Cullina lorry had to be rugby scrummed up a 20 metre course and dragged back 20m. This was such a tough event and we saw achilles injuries to Scott Milne and Leon Patterson. We wish them well in their recovery. This event was bossed by the current champion Louis Jack who completed over 30 metres of the course and did enough to win the discipline. This was a great display by Louis who secured his second win of the day. However, Chris Beetham secured 3rd which was enough to set up a showdown head to head in the stones with both men being on equal points!

2 competitors attacking the trucks to push them up the course.

The final discipline was the classic Stones of Strength. These are the biggest stones on the planet which have to be loaded on the 4ft 6 barrels. The stones weigh 100, 115, 130, 145 and a massive 160KGs. This was a head to head showdown between Chris Beetham and Louis Jack to see who would take the title but it was Louis Jack who completed the stones first in style, setting a new Stones of Strength record of 21.18 seconds! It was still great to see Louis cheer Chris on as he was able to complete the whole set of stones in 51.05 secs. This was the greatest Scotland’s Strongest Man final we have ever seen. Louis was joined on the podium by Chris Beetham and Callum Crozier as he lifted the Cerberus trophy. We want to thank all of our sponsors including Cerberus and Culina for making this event possible.

Both Chris Beetham (Left) and Lous Jack (Right) celebrating after completing the Stones of Strength.

Scotland’s Strongest Man 2023 Podium

Louis Jack 54pts

Chris Beetham 53pts

Callum Crozier 50pts

Thoughts are with our injured Ultimate Strongman family that is Mighty Mikey Wilson, Leon Patterson, the Braveheart Scott Milne, and Robert McMillan we wish you all a speedy recovery. We know we will see you all return, bigger and stronger than ever. Please check out for information of our next competition which is Wales’s Strongest Man and Woman on 23rd July! Get your tickets now!

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