A NEW Scotland’s Strongest Woman is Crowned!

The Ultimate Strongman team would like to congratulate Izzy Tait on dethroning Laura Baxter to be the new Scotland’s Strongest Woman in Grangemouth Stadium on Sunday 2nd July. It was a great event with the biggest crowd ever recorded for a Scotland’s Strongest Woman and here is the round up!

Scotland’s Strongest Woman gathered 8 of of the strongest women from all over Scotland looking to be the champion. Defending champion Laura Baxter was not going to give her title up without a fight but there were hungry competitors looking to steal her crown.

Discipline 1 was the Duck Walk Steeplechase for 60 metres. This was a lung busting event with 100KG dandling between the legs. Only 1 of the 8 athletes could finish the course which showed how tough this discipline was, testing both a strong back and grip. Laura Baxter was able to finish the course in a time of 51.36 secs to get her title defending campaign underway.

Hayley Black showing her speed in the 100KG Duck Walk Steeplechase.

Discipline 2 was the Deadlift for Maximum. This was a head to head event with the stunning Cerberus weights and bar on display. The starting weight was 180KG which all the athletes were successful lifting. Although, it came down to Izzy Tait and Laura Baxter who were the two favourites for the whole competition. Both athletes were able to successfully lift 240KG but it was the Guinness World Record Holder Izzy Tait who lifted a quarter of a tonne (250KG) to secure her first win of the day.

Izzy Tait winning the deadlift with a huge 250KG lift.

Discipline 3 was the Incline Log for Reps. This discipline was showcased in the final of the UK’s Strongest Man 2023 but this time it was for reps! A 70KG log had to be pressed as many times as possible in 75 seconds. Steffi Murray set a brilliant marker with 11 reps which everyone thought wouldn’t be beaten. However, it was Izzy Tait who got 18 reps! She managed to move into the lead by 4.5 pts after Laura Baxter was only able to finish joint 5th in the discipline.

The Incline log lift for reps was a new discipline which challenged all the female athletes.

Discipline 4 was the Anvil Horn Hold for Time. This was a hand destroying discipline with no mistakes being allowed here if maximum points wanted to be gained. There was a surprising discipline winner, Anastasia Papas who showed she has the best grip with a time of 90.03 secs, nearly beating second place by a whole 30 seconds!

Anastasia Papas (Left) and Rosslyn Cole (Right) both having different feelings towards the Anvil Hold.

Discipline 5, the final event was the Stones of Strength. These stones weighed 70, 85, 100, 115 and 130KGs which had to be lifted onto 4ft 6” barrels. This run of stones had only ever been completed by Laura Baxter in last years competition. This time she was able to do it again in a time of 29.77 but it wasn’t enough to secure the title with Izzy Tait finishing all 5 stones in 49.30 seconds to be crowned Scotland’s Strongest Woman 2023. Izzy Tait (1st) was joined on the podium by Laura Baxter (2nd) and Hayley Black (3rd) who was consistent throughout the whole competition. Izzy lifted the coveted Cerberus Trophy. We want to thank all of our sponsors for making this event possible.

Izzy Tait loading the final stone of 130KG to win Scotland’s Strongest Woman 2023.

Scotland’s Strongest Woman Podium

Izzy Tait 37pts

Laura Baxter 32.5pts

Hayley Black 23pts

Please check out for information of our next competition which is Wales’s Strongest Man and Woman on 23rd July! Get your tickets now!

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