Masters World Championship 2018 Results

Zydrunas Savickas was crowned the Ultimate Strongman Master World Champion by defeating 12 of the strongest masters on the planet.  This event was hugely supported by strongman fans from all over the UK.  The weather was as good as the feats of strength on display. Day 1 was two groups of 6 competitors where 2 competitors from each group would be eliminated based on the performance in the stone eliminator.  Zydrunas Savickas dominated Group A and the dark horse Konstantine Ilin topped Group B.  Day 1 was a real battle but there were injuries for Pete McCallen and John Pollock in the tyre flip.  This meant it was a head to head stone eliminator to see who would make the 8 man final.  In Group A it was between Krzysztof Schabowski of Poland and Dales Peters of Wales.  Both men completed 3 fast stones but it was Krzysztof Schabowski who managed the fourth stone to secure his place in the final.  In Group B it was a head to head stone eliminator between Marcus Franke of Germany and Graham Reid of England.  Again, both men rushed through the first 3 stones but it was Graham Reid who booked his place in the final by powering up the 145KG stone onto the barrel.

Day 2 was the FINAL.  There was a huge amount of pressure on Zydrunas Savickas to make history and be the first man in this contest to win this title for the second time.  With Mark Felix, Konstantine Ilin and Vidas Blekaitis looking on form it would not be easy for the four time World’s Strongest Man.  The first event was the load and drag and Zydrunas showed his class by destroying the rest of the filed with a time of 29.54.  Zydrunas continued his superb form with the 22 tonne truck pull.  This was truly the toughest truck pull in Ultimate Strongman history.  However, it came done to distance and Zydrunas pulled the truck a massive 17.25 metres.  The third event was Zydrunas’ favourite event, the Log Lift.  The World Record holder was the only man who was able to complete the medley and finish with the 180KG log.  The fourth event was the Rocket Squat and was dominated by Konstantine Ilin who squatted 250KG for 31 reps.  The final event was the classic Power Stairs.  Three 200KG had to be lifted up 5 steps.  The final heat for the title was between Mark Felix and Zydrunas Savickas.  Both men had plenty experience of this event so it came down to speed but it was the defending champion who secured the win.

Zydrunas Savickas has made history and has become the first man to win the Ultimate Strongman Master World Championship twice.  Congratulations to Mark Felix of Greneda securing 2nd and Ken McCelland of the USA securing 3rd place in his first Ultimate Strongman contest.

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