New YouTube Video: Rise of Tom Stoltman to World’s Strongest Man Glory

RISE OF TOM STOLTMAN TO WSM GLORY: GREATEST FEATS OF STRENGTH WITH ULTIMATE STRONGMAN Tom Stoltman last weekend became the 5th man from Britain to be crowned World’s Strongest Man. He overcame the comeback of 4 times World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw to be the first Scotsman to win the title. Tom started his junior with Ultimate Strongman at the Junior UK’s Strongest Man and progressed to competing in UK’s Strongest Man and representing Scotland in the Battle of Britain and World Championship. This is his journey to the top and it certainly wasn’t easy to become the strongest man on the planet! Like and Subscribe to the channel and let us know in the comments what you would like to see! Subscribe to our other channel: To see an Ultimate Strongman show get your tickets at Follow us on social media for up to date news: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @UltimateStrong